Venezuela concrete payment of the Global Bond 2014 for $ 1.498 million

The payments of the Global Bond for 2014 of 1,498 million dollars, and the corresponding interest became effective Wednesday, the Government announced, through a press release. paras netticasino

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Talent and Diversity Take Center Stage at the Venezuelan Film Festival in New York

The second annual Venezuelan Film Festival in New York (VEFFNY) was held in Tribeca Cinemas, where fourteen films produced in Venezuela and that display the talent and diversity of Venezuelan culture were showcased.

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3 Months of a Continuing Coup against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Terrorism is Not a Form of Protest
Document by the Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information.-
The terrorist guarimbas (violent protests) fostered by the Venezuelan right-wing have caused fear and unease among the people, in addition to a…

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Venezuela rejects sanctions imposed by the European Union and the USA against the Russian Federation


STATEMENT (unofficial translation)
Venezuela, on behalf of his government rejects the sanctions imposed by the governments of the United States and the European Union against the Russian Federation, with the aim of trying to blackmail and undermine its sovereignty.…

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Economic and Social Development

Venezuela, China sign deal to build third satellite


Minister of University Education, Science and Technology, Manuel Fernandez, signed on Sunday an agreement with China for the construction of the third satellite called Sucre, at the close of the Third National Congress on Culture at the Teresa Carreño theater…

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Environment and Energy

PDVSA calls on industry to participate in projects of the Orinoco Oil Belt


The new projects to be executed in the Orinoco Oil Belt Hugo Chavez, the largest oil reserves in the world located in Venezuela’s eastern and southern area, represent a great opportunity for active participation of companies in the National Oil Industrial Conglomerate caça niquel

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