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    Venezuela Remembers President Hugo Chávez Three Months after his Death

    Published: 06/05/2013

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that the country will remember the leader of its Bolivarian Revolution today on the three-month anniversary of his passing with various activities in honor of the late leader.



    Venezuelan Government Launches Website in Honor of President Chávez

    Published: 03/19/2013


    The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has created a new website called “Venezuela and the world write to Chávez,” which allows users from Venezuela and any other country to write messages that can be viewed and shared. A…



    “Chávez Lives!” Say Venezuelans as they Pay their Final Respects

    Published: 03/15/2013


    At 2:35 in the morning on Friday, a half hour later than expected, the doors closed on the room of honor at the military academy in Caracas, Venezuela, where the official state ceremonies were conducted for the president of the…



    President Chávez Remembered at Ecumenical Service in Washington

    Published: 03/13/2013


    Last night in Washington, DC, an episcopal service was held at the Church of Saint Stephen and the Incarnation in honor of President Hugo Chávez, the leader of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution. In attendance were hundreds of followers and admirers of…



    Washington Area Residents Remember and Celebrate Hugo Chávez

    Published: 03/11/2013

    homenaje al presidente

    Dozens of people in the area of Washington, DC, gathered downtown at the statue of the Venezuelan independence hero Simón Bolívar in Bolivar Park on Saturday, March 9, to pay tribute to the life and legacy of President Hugo…



    Jesse Jackson: President Chávez Fed the Hungry and Raised Hopes

    Published: 03/08/2013


    “Hugo Chávez fed the hungry, he raised up the humble and energized their hopes, he helped them achieve their dreams,” said Reverend Jesse Jackson today at the official state funeral services for the president of Venezuela.



    State Ceremonies in Honor of President Chávez Begin in Caracas

    Published: 03/08/2013


    To the sounds of the national anthem of Venezuela, representatives of more than 55 countries around the world are paying tribute to President Hugo Chávez, whose remains have been lying in state at the national chapel since Tuesday. Millions of…



    U.S. Activists Express Solidarity with Venezuela and President Chávez

    Published: 03/07/2013


    “Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion,” U.S. actor Sean Penn told the Hollywood Reporter after learning of the passing of Venezuelan President…



    Representatives of 53 Countries to Attend Funeral for Hugo Chávez

    Published: 03/07/2013


    So far, 32 presidents and representatives from 53 countries have confirmed that they will travel to Venezuela to accompany the people during the ceremonies that will be held this Friday in Caracas in solidarity with President Hugo Chávez.




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