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    Cadivi Processes to Continue until the Center for Foreign Trade is Operational

    Published: 01/31/2014


    Vice President Jorge Arreaza recently explained that processes related to the Foreign Currency Administration Commission (Cadivi) will continue working until they are taken over by the Center for Foreign Trade, as President Nicolas Maduro had earlier announced.



    Vice President:
    We Must Stabilize the Economy in 2014

    Published: 01/17/2014


    Vice President Jorge Arreaza said Thursday that the key task for the Venezuelan government this year will be to stabilize the economy, which requires promoting respect for laws designed to regulate fair prices and empowering the productive sectors to help…



    Procedure for Acquiring Dollars through CADIVI Remain in Place

    Published: 01/16/2014


    Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza clarified Thursday that the procedure for acquiring US dollars through the Currency Administration Commission (CADIVI) remains the same until related announcements are made.”



    Minister Ramírez:
    Cadivi Has Distributed $53.3 Billion between 2012 and 2013

    Published: 11/21/2013


    The Vice President for Economic Policy, Rafael Ramírez, announced that the Currency Administration Commission (Cadivi) has distributed over $53.3 billion for wide range of uses between 2012 and the year to date.



    President Maduro Guarantees Efficient Currency Administration System

    Published: 07/16/2013


    Nicolás Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Veneuzela, guaranteed that the Currency Administration System (Cadivi, in Spanish), which is being supplemented by the Complementary Currency System (Sicad), will work as planned.



    Currency Administration Calls on Citizens to Follow Rules

    Published: 06/21/2013


    Venezuela’s Currency Administration Commission, CADIVI, has detected irregularities in requests for Foreign Currency Acquisition Authorizations for consumers wishing to travel abroad, and for payments abroad made electronically.



    Venezuelan Government has Delivered Foreign Currencies to 2,000 Companies

    Published: 05/23/2013

    edmee betancourt

    The distribution of foreign currencies by the Venezuelan state to businesses is returning to normal, as more than 2,000 small- and medium-sized companies have been given dollars they requested out of the 3,000 registered with the Currency Administration (CADIVI).



    Venezuela to Create National Currency Savings Fund

    Published: 04/26/2013


    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday plans to create “a National Savings Fund in Foreign Exchange, with special conditions. We want to attract investment, but we want to create conditions so that much of the money that went abroad…



    Venezuelan Executive to Strengthen Currency Administration

    Published: 04/25/2013


    On Wednesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced said that the flow of foreign currency to the country’s Currency Administration Commission (CADIVI) will be regulated in order to “make economic and commercial activity more dynamic.”



    Venezuela to Assign Foreign Currency Based on Bidding System

    Published: 03/22/2013


    On Tuesday, the Venezuelan government created the Complementary Currency Administration System, CADIVI (in Spanish), which will allow greater transparency in the distribution of dollars throughout the country and guarantee that they are directed toward productive activities, thus strengthening the economy.…




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