The Flag

Venezuelan flagModified most recently on March 12, 2006 (an eighth star was added) the flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has three horizontal stripes of equal size. The colors of the stripes are the yellow, blue and red. The yellow represents the wealth of the Venezuelan soil, the blue represents the great ocean that borders the Venezuelan coasts, and the red symbolizes the blood spilled by our forefathers during the war of independence.

In the center of the blue stripe are eight white stars in the shape of an arc, which represent the eight provinces that originally formed the Captaincy of Venezuela when it declared its independence on July 5, 1811. The Coat of Arms appears in the upper left-hand corner of the flag.

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The Coat of Arms

Coat of ArmsThe Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has the colors of the national flag, presented in three sections. According to the Law of the National Flag, the National Anthem and the Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which was passed March 9, 2006, each section represents the following characteristics:

The section in the top left, which is red, has an image of a bunch of corn, with as many ears as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has states. This is a symbol of the unity and the wealth of the nation.

The section at the top right, which is yellow, is a symbol or emblem of triumph. It includes a sword, a bow and arrow inside a quiver, a machete and two national flags intertwined by a crown of laurel.

The third section is blue and takes up the lower part of the shield. In it there is an untamed white horse, galloping toward the left and looking straight ahead, a symbol of independence and liberty. The figure of the contained horse in the shield of the Confederacy was adopted on July 29, 1863.

The seal at the top of the Coat of Arms, which symbolizes abundance, contains a figure of two intertwined cornucopias arranged horizontally, full of fruits and tropical flowers. To the sides are the figures of an olive branch on the left and of a palm frond on the right, tied at the lower part of the Coat of Arms with a ribbon that displays the three national colors. In the blue part of the ribbon, there is the following inscription in gold lettering: On the left-hand side, “April 19, 1810,” “Independence”; to the right-hand side, “February 20, 1859,” “Federation”; and in the center, “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

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National Anthem

Glory to the Brave Nation!

Glory to the brave nation
which shook off the yoke,
the Law respecting
virtue and honor.

“Down with the chains!” (Repeat)
Cried out the Lord; (Repeat)
and the poor man in his hovel
for freedom implored.
Upon this holy name
trembled in fear
the vile selfishness
that had once triumphed. (Chorus)

Let’s cry out aloud: (Repeat)
Down with oppression! (Repeat)
Faithful countrymen, your strength
lies in your unity;
and from the heavens
the supreme Creator
breathed a sublime spirit
into the nation. (Chorus)

United by bonds (Repeat)
made by heaven, (Repeat)
all America exists
as a Nation;
And if tyranny
raises its voice,
follow the example
given by Caracas. (Chorus)


Lyrics: Vicente Salias
Music: Juan Jose Landaeta

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Natural Symbols and National Song

National Tree: Yellow Ipê or Tabebuia chrysantha (Araguaney)
National Flower: Orchid
National Bird: Venezuelan Turpial (or Oriole)

National Song: Soul of the Plainsman (Alma Llanera)

I was born on this shore
of the vibrant Arauca
I am a brother of the river foam,
of the herons, of the roses
and of the sun

I was lulled by the lively reveille
of the breeze in the palm trees
And that is why I have soul
like the delicate soul
of the crystal

I love, I cry, I sing, I dream
with carnations of passion
I love, I cry, I sing, I dream
and I sing to Venezuela
with the heart and soul
to ornate the fair mane
from the colt of my lover

I was born on this shore
of the vibrant Arauca
I am brother of the river foam,
of the herons, of the roses
and of the sun.

Lyrics: Rafael Bolivar Coronado
Music: Pedro Elias Gutierrez

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