Find out how many Venezuelans play in the Major Leagues, the names of the players in the American League and National League, statistics, photos and more.

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  • 52 Venezuelan baseball players in the Major Leagues.
  • 270 Venezuelan baseball players have played in the Major Leagues since 1939.

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Conversation Between Fidel and Chavez After Coup Illustrates Their Humanity, Restraint (09/04/2014)

Posted originally at The Huffington Post on 04/09/2014
by Dan Kovalik
Fidel Castro just released the full transcript of the phone call he had with then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, just after Chavez returned to power 72 hours after…

New Magazine “Venezuela is Respected” (07/04/2014)

Read here the new magazine “Venezuela is respected” by the Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information, about the tragic events unleashed since the Venezuelan Youth Day (12 February) promoted  by fascists groups as part of a coup d’état…

Why the Media Are Giving a Free Pass to Venezuela’s Neo-Fascist Creeps (02/04/2014)

Roberto Lovato interviews intellectual heavyweight Luis García Britto about the role of the media in the current conflict in Venezuela. 
Roberto Lovato
April 1, 2014
The novelist, essayist, historian and playwright Luis Britto García is a titan of Latin American

Balance of the Attorney’s General Office on the Violent Demonstrations Genereated by the Right Wing (31/03/2014)

Read here the balance of the Attorney’s General Office on the violent demonstrations in recent weeks, the presentation of the press conference Attorney General Luisa Ortega, and the video of the conference here :

Balance of violent demonstrations in slides…

Soft Coup: The Venezuelan Case (26/03/2014)

In light of the violence generated by the Venezuelan extreme right in recent days, Venezuela’s Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information recorded the following videos to make public these acts:

MinCi/ Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./March 26, 2014


(I Part)
In light of the violence generated by the Venezuelan extreme right in recent days, Venezuela’s Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information prepared a document to make public these acts
Images in Power Point

By the…

Message to the Nation From the Bolivarian Youth (24/03/2014)

The Jorge Rodríguez Padre Foundation, through its Escuela 4F TV Channel, sent a message from real Venezuelan youths who want to work, who believe in the academy, in the opportunities offered by the Bolivarian Revolution and in the 21st century…

Venezuela: Who You Gonna Believe, the New York Times or Your Lying Eyes? (15/03/2014)

Written by Mark Weisbrot at Cepr’s Blog
Saturday, 15 March 2014 19:25
Today’s report from the New York Times trashes the government for “combative tactics” and “cracking down” on protesters, but if you watch the accompanying video, all you see…

Fauxccupy: The Selling and Buying of the Venezuelan Opposition (13/03/2014)

March 13, 2014 by Roberto Lovato Leave a Comment
Read the original article published in Latino Rebels here
CARACAS—Reports and imagery coming out of Venezuela in the past weeks would lead the casual observer to conclude that the country’s youthful…

Pray for Venezuela … to remain a sovereign nation (06/03/2014)

by Lisa Sullivan @lisavenezuela March 6, 2014
Read the original article in Aljazeera
US media give distorted view of country I call home
I was in Guatemala on Feb. 15 when I first received the news that Venezuela — my…

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