3.1 What is a passport?

3.2 First-time issuance of a passport (for children of Venezuelans born in the U.S.)

New Passport

Passport Extension (Prórroga-temporarily in Spanish)

Loss of Passport and exceptional situations (travel document)

3.1 What is a passport?

A passport is a personal identification document used abroad. Its issuance and renewal is established by the Passport Regulation (Federal Registry Number 30,634 of 11/28/1975). Venezuelan citizens must abide by this Regulation as well as the Organic Law of Identification (Federal Registry Number 1, 454 of 9/20/2001).

3.2 First-time issuance of a passport (for children of Venezuelans born in the U.S.).

This is a passport that is issued for the first time. It refers to passports for U.S.-born children of Venezuelan citizens that were previously presented as Venezuelans to the corresponding Consular Office.


- Complet Passport form

-Photocopy of the birth certificate (in addition to presentation of the original)

Both parents should present themselves to the Consular section with their respective documentation (identification card and/or passport) at the time of the minor’s passport signing. The minor should also be present.

The issuance of a passport to minors under the age of 18 is free.

New Passport

Passport renewal refers to obtaining a new passport for the following reasons:

-A passport that is five (5) or more years beyond its issuance date.

-A passport that is completely filled and out of pages, before its expiration date.

-A lost or stolen passport.

-Wear and tear.

-Change in marriage status.

In this case, it is necessary to have registered the matrimony in Venezuela and to have obtained a new identification card showing the change in marriage status.


- Complet Passport form

-Photocopy of your identification card, or birth certificate in the case of minors without an identification card.

-Photocopies of the first page of the passport and of any extensions (present the original passport as well)

- Company check or money order for $80 made out to: “Embajada de República Bolivariana de Venezuela”. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

-Copy of the Federal Registry or Naturalization Record (for naturalized Venezuelan citizens)

The issuance of a passport to minors under the age of 18 is free.

For minors, the issuance of a passport must be authorized by both parents. If one of the parents is in Venezuela, she or he must make a notarized authorization for the issuance of a passport for their minor by this Consular Office.

The presence of the interested party at the moment of the passport’s issuance is obligatory given that it requires a signature and fingerprint. Moreover, the party should bring original documents, passport and laminated identification card (current or expired). These documents may be mailed, but the passport can only be given in person.

Loss of Passport and exceptional situations (travel document)

To request a new passport, every requirement established by the Passport Renovation office must be met, along with a report (of a lost or stolen passport) from the corresponding police authorities.

Travel Document

In exception cases of lost passports, involving an urgent need to return to Venezuela, the interested party can request that the Consular Section consider a Travel Document that will be valid for exactly one entry into Venezuela. The following documentation is necessary for such a request:

-Laminated identification card.

-Police report.

-Plane ticket.

-Two (2) recent frontal photos.

The documents necessary for obtaining a new passport can be handed to the Consular Section during the hours it is open to the public (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday).

The documents can also be mailed to the Consular Section.



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