The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington, D.C. is the republic’s highest representation in the United States of America and the channel for official communications with the government and people of the U.S. Its principal goal is to protect the values and interests of Venezuela and its people within the framework of international law, good relations between our two peoples, and under the principle of respect for sovereignty and self-determination.

The embassy’s areas of expertise are political, economic, commercial, cultural, press, social and military. For this reason, the embassy is organized into different units: Office of the Ambassador; Political and Economic Affairs; Environmental, Energy and Oil Affairs; Cultural Affairs; Press and Communications and Administration.

Office of the Ambassador

The ambassador serves as the senior-most representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the U.S.  The ambassador speaks for the President and Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and represents the country’s interests in the U.S.

Political and Economic Affairs

The Political and Economic Affairs Unit monitors everything related to U.S. foreign and domestic policies, with emphasis on the politics and economics. In this way, the unit keeps Caracas informed on key aspects of U.S. political and economic events that may affect the bilateral relationship. This unit coordinates relations with the Department of State, Congress and other federal or state authorities of interest. The unit also coordinates relations with Venezuelan and U.S. firms.

Contact: economia@venezuela-us.org

Environmental, Energy and Oil Affairs

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is committed to the rational use of natural resources, especially environmental protection as an inalienable human right that cannot be commercialized. Topics related to the environment, energy and oil are coordinated and channeled through the Environmental, Energy, and Oil Affairs Unit. This guarantees the correct and timely dissemination of Venezuela’s advances in these matters and facilitates relations with U.S. officials and organizations and their counterparts in Venezuela.

Contact: petroleo@venezuela-us.org

Cultural Affairs

The goal of the Cultural Affairs Unit is to encourage relations between Venezuela and the U.S. in the area of culture. This is primarily done through the promotion of Venezuelan art and artists in U.S. cultural institutions. Exhibits, concerts, conferences and presentations, both in the embassy as in other cultural and educational venues are part of this unit’s work, which also includes lectures about Venezuela folklore, history, geography, art and national symbols. The Cultural Affairs Unit serves as a link between U.S. cultural institutions and their colleagues in Venezuela.

Contact: cultura@venezuela-us.org

The Bolivarian Hall

The Bolivarian Hall, one of the biggest cultural spaces of all Latin American embassies in Washington DC is located at 2443 Massachusetts Ave. NW., Washington DC, 20008, on the premises of the residence of the Ambassador. Formerly in this space, the offices of the Diplomatic Mission were located, but since the Embassy moved in 1990 to its present location in Georgetown, the space remained unused. For this reason, in 2003, Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez decided to open the hall for the promotion of Venezuelan and Latin American culture. Since then the Bolivarian Hall has been a space of gathering, not only for the Venezuelan community, but for artists and all those that see through culture a common thread with the people of our Americas. On March 25, 2010 the hall was reopened after a process of remodeling with the support of the Citgo Petroleum Corporation. From music, art exhibits, theater presentations, films, chocolate tasting to classes of dance, the Bolivarian Hall offers a variety of events. For more information on the cultural activities of the Embassy, please check the “Cultural Events” section on our website.

Press and Communications

The Press and Communications Unit develops relations with journalists, evaluates U.S. media coverage on a daily basis, and develops information dissemination strategies. This unit also publishes, in English and Spanish, important news related to the Venezuelan government, as well as events sponsored by the embassy or other Venezuelan government organizations in the U.S. Furthermore, the unit produces various types of documents aimed at informing the U.S. public on key issues.

Contact: prensa@venezuela-us.org


This office coordinates the embassy’s administrative and information technology services. The services and resources necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the embassy are also managed by this office.

Contacts: administracion@venezuela-us.org; ti@venezuela-us.org



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