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PDVSA and Schlumberger reviewed cooperation and oil market

As part of comprehensive relations between the French company Schlumberger and Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), its officers, Paal Kibsgaard and Eulogio Del Pino, met to evaluate the development of Schlumberger’s activities in Venezuela and exchange their views on the world oil market.

Kibsgaard says that every day Schlumberger increases the number of oil experts working for PDVSA, whom come from various oil regions of the world, all because not only the broad relationship with PDVSA, but also the great potential of Venezuela for the sector hydrocarbons worldwide.

Del Pino expressed satisfaction with the cooperative relationship between the two companies and will promptly announce the signing of agreements on projects that started discussions last July when Kibsgaard last visited the headquarters of PDVSA in Caracas.

It is also expected to realize as soon as possible the incorporation of incremental barrels, product of new financing and service contracts models which are in progress.

For both executives successful cooperation in the relationship of the two companies has allowed, despite the difficult conditions of the global oil business, strengthening the relationship between them, enable growth not only in terms of the business relationship, but also to stability, responsible and gradual increase of oil production in Venezuela.

Both executives tentatively agreed to meet again by the end of the year to review the progress of new proposals discussed today.




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