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    The Latin American and Caribbean Energy Workers Forum expressed support for the Government of Nicolas Maduro

    Published: 03/13/2014


    The Venezuelan Chapter for the National Council for Latin American and Caribbean Energy Workers Forum, voiced its support for the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolas Maduro, which has experienced fascist attacks since February 12.



    PDVSA and Perenco Agree to Increase Oil Production

    Published: 03/10/2014


    Last Friday, Minister for Oil and Mining, Rafael Ramirez, met with representatives of the Anglo-French company Perenco, to signed an agreement to increase Petrowarao’s – a joint venture- hydrocarbon production, operating in the Pedernales fields (Monagas state, East),  as well…



    CITGO Assists Operation Migration to Protect and Restore Whooping Crane's Migration Route
    CITGO Fueling Good Project Helps Non-Profit Save Endangered American Bird

    Published: 03/07/2014


    NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y., March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CITGO Petroleum Corporation has announced Operation Migration USA, Inc. as a winner of this year’s Fueling Good Project. CITGO representatives and local CITGO Marketers presented $5,000 in CITGO Gift Cards to Operation…



    Ministry of Environment Will Create the Hugo Chávez School for the Environment

    Published: 02/28/2014


    To promote citizen participation and awareness  in contributing to the conservation of life on the planet, the Ministry of People’s  Power for the Environment will create the Hugo Chávez School for the Environment, according to the Ministry’s Director General  of…



    The Orinoco Oil Belt to Be Called Hugo Chávez Frías

    Published: 02/20/2014


    The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro called on the Venezuelan people to continue standing up in struggle and remain in the streets to defend the nation. Fascism is defeated with the laws and applying justice to…



    Bolivarian National Armed Force Destroyed Six Illegal Mining Camps

    Published: 02/07/2014

    mineria ilegal_

    Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) destroyed six clandestine mining camps in Guayana.  The chief of the Strategic Operational Command of the FANB (CEO), Vladimir Padrino Lopez, informed through his twitter account @vladimirpadrino.



    Seventh scientific expedition to Antarctica ends its first phase

    Published: 02/06/2014


    A group of four technicians from the Bolivarian Navy ended successfully the first phase of the seventh scientific expedition to Antarctica which began on January 7th in Montevideo, Uruguay, and will end next week.



    In Venezuela
    Chevron and other Companies Toured the Oil Belt with the Largest Reserves in the World

    Published: 02/03/2014

    trabajadores de pdvsa

    Senior managers of oil companies, such as  Chevron, Colombia’s Ecopetrol, and France’s Total , which was accompanied by a French diplomatic delegation, visited production areas of joint ventures located in the Orinoco Oil Belt.



    Ministry of Environment and PDVSA Create Agreement to Reduce Environmental Impact of Oil Drilling

    Published: 01/31/2014


    The Ministry for the Environment ( Minamb ) and Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA ) established an agreement that aims to reduce the environmental impact and operating costs incurred by oil drilling.



    Chevron “Proud” to be a Partner of PDVSA in the Orinoco Oil Belt

    Published: 01/29/2014


    The US-based company Chevron expressed on Tuesday that it is proud of the results of its partnership with the Venezuelan oil firm PDVSA through which it is extracting crude oil in the Orinoco Oil Belt, the site of the world’s…




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