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    Venezuela Will Maintain Production of Three Million Barrels of Crude Oil in 2014

    Published: 05/22/2014


    The Mining and Oil Minister, Rafael Ramirez, reiterated Wednesday that during 2014 Venezuela has maintained an average level of crude oil production at three million barrels per day.



    Mining and Oil Minister :
    Gas Projects Consolidate Venezuela as an Energy Power

    Published: 05/15/2014


    The Mining and Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez reiterated the commitment of the national government to take advantage of proven gas reserves in the nation, estimated at 196.4 trillion cubic feet (thus ranking it as the largest in South America )…



    Vice Minister for North of America Dr. Claudia Salerno
    Venezuela Asks that Humanity, Not Business, Be the Focus of Climate Change Summits

    Published: 05/05/2014


    Press Release.-
    The Abu Dhabi Ascent: Conference In Support Of the UN Climate Summit 2014 was held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates as a precursor to the next Climate Summit to be held at the United Nations…



    PDVSA discovered new hydrocarbon reserves in three Venezuelan areas

    Published: 04/24/2014


    Between late 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, a team of professionals from PDVSA Exploration has managed to identify reserves of 185 million barrels of crude oil and 1.1 trillion cubic feet of free gas ( 1.1 TCF ),…



    Venezuela celebrates Earth Day with national events

    Published: 04/22/2014


    In celebration of Earth day, April 22, the Ministry of People’s Power for the Environment (Minamb) organized  national events based on the conservation and more efficient use and distribution of natural resources.



    PDVSA Discovers New Hydrocarbon Reserves

    Published: 04/16/2014


    Through its official website PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, announced the discovery of new reserves of hydrocarbons and natural gas during exploration activities carried out by experts over the past few months.



    Over six million tourists to travel in Easter

    Published: 04/11/2014


    6,186,684 vacationers are expected travel during Easter, informed Tourism minister Andres Izarra at a press conference last Wednesday, together with the ministers of Air and Aquatic Transport, Hebert Garcia Plaza, and Environment, Miguel Rodriguez.



    Ministry of Environment Evaluates Proposed Regional Shelters for Endangered Species

    Published: 04/08/2014


    Based on the significant experience and performance of the Center for Rehabilitation and Shelter of Wildlife that functions on the premises of the Ministry of Popular Power for the Environment in Nueva Esparta, the Directorate General of the National Office…



    Venezuelan President:
    “It’s time to form a powerful and unified environmental movement”

    Published: 04/04/2014


    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has approved 40 million bolivars in funding for an environmental mission, and announced the creation of a national eco-socialist school.



    Government To Found “The Great Ecosocialist Federation, Dream of Commander Chávez”

    Published: 04/02/2014


    The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela , Nicolas Maduro urged all people to plant 3 ½ million trees across the country, to counter the destructive actions of the extreme right.




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