Maximilien Sánchez Arveláiz

Chargé d’affairs

Maximilien Sánchez Arveláiz is serving as Chargé d’affairs of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United States in July 2014 after being appointed Ambassador in February the same year. Also served as Presidential Commissioner of President Nicolás Maduro Moros in International Relations (2013-2014), Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil (2010-2013), and Minister Counselor of the Venezuelan Mission to the United Nations, New York (2006-2007).

A lawyer with a Master’s Degree in Latin American Political Science, he completed university and post-graduate studies in France and England at the University Pantheon Assas in Paris and the University of London, respectively.

He Joined President Hugo Chávez’s government as a consultant in Foreign Affairs (2001) and was appointed as Senior Adviser to the Office of the Presidency for two periods (2004-2006) and (2007-2010).

Sánchez Arveláiz has contributed to several international newspapers, including Le Monde Diplomatique, News Left Review, and Folha de Sao Paulo, among others, where his writing on politics in Latin America have been published regularly.

He received the medal of the Order of Rio Branco for his distinguished diplomatic service in Brazil.



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