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  • Venezuela is Protecting Biodiversity

    Published: 01/18/2013

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    Venezuela’s National Director of Biological Diversity, Jesús Manzanillo, said yesterday that the country’s strategic conservation plan is paying special attention to endangered species and threatened ecosystems.

    “This plan is constructed on the basis of a very exhaustive analysis of what should be done in the country and in the world and it takes up precise elements of conservation,” he said.

    During an interview on Venezolana de Televisión, Manzanillo explained that an example of the implementation of this plan are the actions being carried out in the Cuare National Reserve, which is located south of Morrocoy National Park in Venezuela’s western state of Falcón.

    In the reserve,”within the Bolivarian process, we have been working not just on releasing caimanes [the Orinoco crocodile], but also collaborating with the authorities of the state of Falcón, the governor, the local powers and entities of the people’s power to relocate people that were in those spaces and in this way guarantee the life of the species,” he said.

    Manzanillo pointed out that Venezuela was the first country to make a presentation before the Convention on Biodiversity, a United Nations entity for environmental protection. Goal number 17 of the Convention states that countries should have an efficient and participatory national conservation strategy ready for implementation by 2015.

    “We, in a way that is responsible and committed to defending life on the planet, have achieved five years ahead of time the component of drafting a strategy… In 2012, at the Venezuelan Congress on Biological Diversity, we had already elaborated the strategic plan and the 10-year action plan, and that plan will be connected with the Second Socialist Plan of the Nation for 2013 to 2019,” he said.

    Correo del Orinoco/ Press- Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./ January 18, 2013

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