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  • Danny Glover Congratulates Venezuelans on Elections: “Job Well Done”

    Published: 10/07/2012

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    A group of more than 15 representatives from the United States were in Venezuela on Sunday to act as international accompaniers during the country’s presidential elections, which proceeded in an environment of calm. Among them was actor Danny Glover, who said: “Congratulations to the people of Venezuela. Job well done.”

    “Both sides worked hard,” Glover said. “Any electoral process that creates so much transparency, so much engagement, is important for the Venezuelan people first. That means simply that they have faith that their vote, their voice, means something.”

    Also present to witness the voting was James Early, a board member of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington, DC. According to Early, “representatives of both candidates… in every instance have said that the process and procedures for voting are transparent and give them the utmost confidence that their choice for president will be cast with understanding, ease, and without fear of fraud.”

    Early said his activities included “attending presidential campaign rallies of both candidates, visiting polling sites to see and hear explanations of the voting process and the up-to-date automated voting machines, and talking directly to residential voluntary election representatives of both candidates.”

    Other U.S. accompaniers included representatives from the National Lawyers Guild, Rainbow Push Coalition, and Trans Africa Forum, as well as former Massachusetts Congressman William Delahunt.

    Click here for a statement by Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, who was also an international accompanier.

    Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / October 7, 2012

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