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  • Nearly 250,000 Homes Built by Venezuela’s “Great Housing Mission”

    Published: 09/07/2012

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    So far, a total of 249,368 new homes have been built throughout Venezuela by the “Great Housing Mission,” a government-funded program that aims to provide all needy families with decent shelter. This amount is equal to 71 percent of the total goal for 2011-2012, which is to complete 350,000 homes.

    On Thursday, the Housing Mission gave 2,236 families the keys to their new homes at special events held in Caracas and in the states of Miranda, Anzoátegui, and Lara.

    The event in Anzoátegui, in the city of Barcelona, was presided over by Rafael Ramírez, the country’s oil minister and head of housing policy. The recipients of the homes appeared content and thanked the Bolivarian Government for delivering the homes.

    Carmen Arias, an inhabitant of Barcelona, said that the Housing Mission has once again demonstrated its commitment to the Venezuelan people.

    “Thank God and President Chávez today 128 families received homes in a dignified housing complex,” she said, highlighting the fact that the families are involved in local community organizations.

    In Lara, in the municipality of Palavecino, 445 new houses were added to the more than 3,000 already built in the area.

    Erikson Urdaneta, one of the residents of Palavecino who received a home, is a young father who had been staying with relatives along with his wife and two year-old son.

    He explained that eight years ago, he and other families in the neighborhood decided to organize to create a housing committee and find land on which to build homes. The help they received from the city and from the Housing Mission eventually got their plan rolling.

    “Thank God the dream has finally become a reality,” he said while standing in front of his new three-bedroom home.

    Meanwhile, in the state of Miranda, 776 homes were handed out in a ceremony with Vice President Elías Jaua.

    “We all deserve to live with peace, dignity, and education. We are keeping President Chávez’s word,” he said.

    In Caracas, 97 homes were delivered to families, while 54,481 more are currently under construction, according to the head of the city government, Jaqueline Faría.

    Faría called this “unprecedented,” saying: “any street you go down, whether its in the center of the city or in our shantytowns, we see a new building by the Housing Mission conquering the sky.”

    In Venezuela’s capital city, Farías said that 7,308 houses have already been handed out, most of them to families that were living in shelters, but also to others that had begun working on communal projects.

    AVN / Press- Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./ September 7, 2012



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