Elections 2012-2013

Published: 06/01/2012

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The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela held presidential elections on October 7, 2012, in which President Hugo Chávez Frías was reelected for the 2013 to 2019 term. In this election, Venezuela’s voter turnout rate was an historical 80 percent (from an impressive 96 percent voter registration rate). State elections were held on December 16 in which the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won in 20 out of 23 states. Municipal  elections will be held on December 8, 2013.

However, due to the passing of President Hugo Chávez on March 5, Venezuela  held a new presidential election on April 14, 2013. The National Electoral Council (CNE), the independent branch of government in charge of elections, followed the constitution by calling the election within 30 days, announcing it on March 9 and initiating nominations for candidates the next day. Seven individuals were on the ballot, including acting President Nicolás Maduro,who obtained 50.66% of the votes counted for a total of 7,505,338 votes.

In this section you will find detailed information about Venezuela’s electoral system and the upcoming elections through documentaries, PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets, daily news updates and other valuable material.

-Experience in Democracy : A brief look at Venezuela’s Electoral System Past and Present (Video-Spanish with English subtitles)

-Second phase of the citizen verification audit of the results of the last presidential elections on April 14, 2013. (Video-Spanish with English subtitles)

-Electoral Power: The Venezuelan Experience(PowerPoint presentation)

I. Introduction
II.Technology and Security
III.Inclusion and Participation
IV.Dialogue and International Cooperation

-The Electoral Branch of Government:
The Venezuelan Experience by Tibisay Lucena, President of the CNE (Essay)

15 April 2013: From the rejection of electoral results to fascist violence in Venezuela

-Fact Sheets

-April 17 Post-Electoral UpDate/April 2013

-The Results of Venezuela’s April 14 Presidential Election/ April 2013

-Venezuela’s April 14 Presidential Elections/ March 2013

-Results of Venezuela’s 2012 Presidential Elections/October 2012

-About Venezuela’s 2012 Presidential Elections/ September 2012

-10 Things You Should Know About Elections in Venezuela/September  2012

-Opposition Primaries Held with Support From the National Electoral Council/April 2012

-Voting Machines

-Other Important Information:

Voting machines. How does it work?


Other Important Information


December 2013

Pro-Chávez Candidates Won 76.4% of Mayoral Posts in Venezuela

Government Party Wins 210 Mayoralities in Venezuela’s Municipal Elections

Campaigns Close in Venezuela ahead of Sunday’s Municipal Elections

Venezuela’s Democractic Spirit is Unbreakable

Over 88,000 witnesses and 50 international accompaniers will take part in municipal elections

November 2013

National Electoral Council to Evaluate Campaigns for Municipal Elections

CNE President Says Work Schedule Is On Time

Indelible Ink for Municipal Elections Tested in Venezuela

Government to Install 335 Observatories to Guarantee Peace in Elections

 Electoral Information Booths Open Thursday in Venezuela

October 2013

Electoral Council: Political Parties Auditing Voting Software for Municipal Elections

Electoral Council Works to Reduce Voting Times for Municipal Elections

Electoral Council Concludes Audit of Software for Voting Machines

Municipal Elections Preparations Are on Schedule

August 2013

19 Million Venezuelans Registered to Vote in Municipal Elections

Venezuela’s Electoral Council Receives Nominations for Municipal Elections

June 2013

Venezuela Maintains List of Poll Workers for Municipal Elections

May 2013

Venezuela Sets Municipal Elections for December 8

Foreign Ambassadors Witness Vote Audit in Venezuela

 75% of Votes Audited in Venezuela with Zero Error

Civil Society Highlights Transparency of Venezuelan Vote Audit

Venezuelan Electoral Council Broadcasts Vote Audit Live Online

National Electoral Council: 99.98% Accuracy So Far in Vote Audit

Venezuela Electoral Body Approves Citizen Involvement in Election Audit

April 2013

CNE and Political Parties Begin Electoral Audit

National Electoral Council to Expand Audit to 100% of Voter Receipts

President Maduro’s Victory is Recognized by Countries in Region

US National Lawyers Guild Praises Venezuela Electoral System

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rules Out Possibility of Fraud

The Rule of Law in Venezuela Must Be Respected

Nicolás Maduro Elected President of Venezuela Until 2019

Voting Day Concludes in the United States

Venezuelans Vote in the United States

Venezuela Electoral Council Says All Voting Tables are Open

Venezuela Electoral Council Says Electoral Centers Opening

Venezuelan Consulates in the U.S. Prepared for Sunday’s Election

CNE Ready for 2013 Presidential Election

CNE Assures Venezuela’s Electoral System is Protected

Venezuela’s Electoral Council Highlights Transparency of Voting System

Venezuelan Diplomatic Missions Abroad Are Ready for the Presidential Election

Venezuela’s Electoral Process is Inviolable

Venezuela Presidential Campaign Officially Begins

March 2013

Venezuelan Electoral Council and Unasur Sign International Accompaniment Agreement

Venezuelan Electoral Authority Rejects U.S. Govt. Statements

New Presidential Vote in Venezuela to Use Same Electoral Roll

Eight Candidates to Vie for Presidency in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Electoral Council Receiving Candidates for April 14 Vote

More than 19 Million Registered to Vote in Municipal Elections

February 2013

National Electoral Council Chooses Municipal Voting Districts

January 2013

Municipal Elections in Venezuela Scheduled for July 14

December 2012

-International Accompaniers Say Venezuelan Elections Free and Transparent

-Socialist Candidates Win in 20 of 23 States in Venezuela

-Review of Technology Used for Regional Elections Begins in Venezuela

November 2012

-Vote Tallying System Audited for Regional Elections

- Venezuelan Electoral Council Upholds Voter Information System

-Electoral Council Audits Software for Regional Elections

-Venezuelan Electoral Council Calls for Peaceful Debate in Gubernatorial Campaigns

-Ruling on Regional Elections Approved in Venezuela

October 2012

-In Venezuela, 135 Candidates Will Vie for Governor on Dec. 16

-Venezuela’s Electoral Council Received 9,357 Nominations for State Elections

-Over 17 Million Venezuelans Registered to Vote in State Elections

-Venezuela’s Electoral Council Prepares for Regional Elections

-High Voter Turnout Among Venezuelans in the U.S.

-National Electoral Council to Officially Declare Chávez Reelected

-Journalist Patricia Janiot: Venezuelan Elections Were Exemplary, Journalists Respected

-Venezuela Reelects Hugo Chávez for 2013-2019 Presidential Term

-Venezuela’s Electoral Council Says 100% of Voting Booths are Open

-99.76% of Polling Stations are Open in Venezuela

-Venezuelan Diplomatic Offices Abroad Ready for Sunday’s Elections

-Venezuela’s Electoral Authority Rules Out Possibility of Fraud

-Electoral Material Distributed at Voting Centers in Venezuela

-Venezuelans Gather for Electoral Fairs and Voting Machines Audit

September 2012

-National Electoral Council Prepares for Elections

-Venezuela’s Elections Data Transmission Network is Totally Secure

-Venezuela to Develop Legislation on Campaign Financing

-Media Coverage of Surveys Permitted Through September 23 in Venezuela

-New Technologies Allow Faster, Safer Elections in Venezuela

-Jimmy Carter Says Venezuela’s Elections are “the Best in the World

-Venezuela Begins Audit of Vote Tallying System for Elections

-UNASUR Rep Notes Strength of Venezuelan Electoral System

-Diplomats Learn About Venezuelan Electoral System

-Venezuela’s Electoral System Audited 17 Times for Presidential Race

-Voter Information Booths Opened Throughout Venezuela

-Electoral Authorities in Venezuela Check Voting Machines

-Voters Participated in Successful Simulated Election

August 2012

-National Electoral Council Investigates Campaigns

-Venezuela to Open Over 14,000 Voting Centers for Elections

-Carter Center Affirms Venezuelan Elections are Historically Fair

-National Electoral Council Reschedules Simulated Vote

-Attorneys to Participate in Simulated Vote in Venezuela

-UNASUR Accord on Elections a Big Step for Latin American Democracy

-UNASUR Electoral Council to Witness Venezuelan Vote

-71% of Venezuelans Trust the National Electoral Council

-National Electoral Council OKs Candidates for Regional Elections

-Carter Center: Venezuelan Electoral System Among the Most Trusted in the World

-National Electoral Council Shows Electoral Platform to International Experts

-Vote Simulation Worked as Expected in Venezuela Ahead of Presidential Race

Venezuelan Electoral Council Calls on Voters to Participate in Simulated Vote

July 2012

-Venezuelan Electoral Council Approves Six Observer Organizations

-Venezuelan Attorney General Coordinating with Electoral Authority on Crime -Prevention

-Venezuelan Electoral Council to Simulate Voting Ahead of Presidential Elections

-Venezuela Holds Drawing to Select Additional Poll Workers

-National Electoral Council Approves of Early Phase of Campaigning

-Venezuelan Armed Forces Reaffirm Commitment to Democracy

-National Electoral Council Monitors Presidential Campaign

-Venezuela’s National Electoral Council OKs Electoral Campaigning

June 2012

-National Electoral Council Meets With Media to Clarify Campaign Norms

-Venezuela Takes Steps to Ensure Accountability in Presidential Campaigning

-Almost 19 Million Venezuelans Eligible to Vote in October 7 Presidential Elections

-Venezuela’s National Electoral Council to Register Pollsters

-Venezuela’s Electoral Authority Approves Rules for Campaigning

-Pollsters in Venezuela to Register with National Electoral Council

-National Electoral Council Protects Right to Vote With Regularization Form

-National Electoral Council to Update Voter Fingerprints Ahead of Elections

-Eight Presidential Candidates Registered with Venezuela’s National Electoral Council

-Venezuela’s Electoral Authority Approves New Regulations for Polling Firms

May 2012

-President Chávez to Launch Candidacy on Monday

-President Chávez to Register as Candidate in 2012 Elections

-Latino Organizations Call on U.S. Government to Recognize and Respect Venezuela’s Presidential Elections

-National Electoral Council Works to Speed Up Voting Process

-Venezuela’s Political Parties Examine Voter Authentication System

-Electoral Council To Publish Final Voter Registry on June 25

-Venezuela Boosting Sovereignty Through Electoral Accompaniment

-Venezuelan Electoral Registry 99.85% Accurate

-Venezuelan Government Approves $530 Million for 2012 Elections

-Venezuelans Have 2 Weeks to Verify Their Information with Electoral Authority

April 2012

-Almost 19 Million Venezuelans Qualified to Vote in Presidential Elections

-National Electoral Council of Venezuela to Help Optimize Voting Process

-“No Electoral System on the Continent is More Audited than Ours”

-In Under a Year, 1.3 Million Venezuelans Registered to Vote

-Last Week to Join Electoral Registry to Vote in Presidential Elections

-National Electoral Council to Audit Fingerprinting Machines

-Voter Registration Process for Coming Elections Has Been Successful

March 2012

-National Electoral Council Officially Announces Presidential and Local Elections

-President Chávez Reiterates He Will Recognize Results of Elections

-Venezuela’s Electoral Registry Audited by Political Parties

-Venezuelan Political Parties Certify Transparency of Electoral System

-95 Percent of Eligible Venezuelans are Registered to Vote

-Venezuela’s National Electoral Council To Audit Electoral Data and Software

-U.S. Lawyers’ Group Finds Primary Elections in Venezuela Free and Fair

February 2012

-Venezuela’s Electoral Registry Grows to 18.4 Million Voters

-Venezuela’s National Electoral Council Highlights Increased Credibility

-Voter turnout shows confidence in Venezuelan electoral system

-Over 96% of Venezuelans Are Registered to Vote

Jannuary 2012

-Venezuela’s National Electoral Council is Prepared for Elections in 2012 and 2013

-Over 18 Million Venezuelans Registered to Vote as of Late 2011


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