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  • Embassy of Venezuela in Washington Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Popular Restoration of Democracy

    Published: 04/11/2012

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    This week, the Bolivarian government and its diplomatic missions abroad will host a series of activities to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the popular restoration of democracy when the Venezuelan people rescued President Hugo Chávez from a coup d’état orchestrated by the right-wing opposition backed by private media outlets and sectors of imperialist foreign powers. During this assault on democracy, the Venezuelan president was kidnapped and all branches of government dissolved for only few hours due to the fact that Venezuelans took the streets to demand the restitution of the democratically elected president, Hugo Chávez. Likewise, patriotic military officers rescued the head of state and brought him back to the presidential palace.

    Join us to celebrate the restoration of democracy and stay informed about our events in this special section:


    • “Alma buena, corazón venezolano” (Good Soul, Venezuelan Heart)

    • “Usted de aquí no se va” (You Are Not Leaving Us)

    Events in Washington, DC


    Get to know the historical events of April 2002 in Venezuela in the document For every 11th there is a 13th: Venezuela Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Restoration of Popular Democracy


    Images of April 11, 2002/ by Yvke Mundial

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