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  • Venezuela’s Aeronautical Sector Safer Than World Average

    Published: 02/14/2012

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    Venezuela fulfils 86 percent of international aeronautical safety standards, exceeding the world average of 76 percent, according to a recent audit made by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which evaluated safety conditions in Venezuelan airports and airlines.

    Representatives of 20 ICAO countries met in Caracas last week to identify and analyze challenges and opportunities regarding the fulfillment of the agreement on aeronautical safety reached during the 37th session of the ICAO assembly held in September 2010.

    “They verify the behavior [of companies], operations, how pilots are trained, how aircrafts are maintained. Additionally, they monitor and facilitate safety norms to prevent illicit acts of interference,” said the president of Venezuela’s Civil Aeronautic National Institute (INAC), General Francisco Paz.

    ICAO secretary general Raymond Benjamin is currently in Venezuela leading a group of auditors who are evaluating the country’s civil aerial system and its airports

    General Paz spoke on Monday at La Chinita International Airport, located in Zulia state. He said the government inspects the country’s airports to improve facilities and labor conditions.

    A number of state-run and private airlines are evaluating the state of the Venezuelan aerial fleet in meetings hosted by the Ministry of Aquatic and Aerial Transportation, according to Minister Elsa Gutiérrez.

    In addition to its own constant monitoring of airports and fleets, the ministry has encouraged the meetings to strengthen civil aviation, the minister said.

    During a visit to the Simón Bolívar International Airport outside Caracas, where runways are being restored, said that she will continue visiting the country’s airports to monitor infrastructure projects and assist with labor demands.

    AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / February 14, 2012

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