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  • Countries Express Hope for President Chavez’s Fast Recovery

    Published: 07/01/2011

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    Several presidents and senior officials from various countries have expressed their hope for the recovery of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who announced last night his satisfactory progress after having undergone a second surgical procedure to remove a cancerous  tumor.

    In an interview, Bolivian President Evo Morales said: “Soon he will be with his Venezuelan people, but also with Latin America, as always, working for integration, solidarity and liberation of all people.”

    “Be strong, president. [Your health] is a major concern of the Bolivian people and I’m sure that is also for the Latin American people. I hope to see you soon (…) to continue to share experiences. Our conversations are always a special lesson for me,” he added.

    On Friday Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his solidarity with his Venezuelan counterpart. “We wish good health and a fast recovery for President Chavez, to whom we express our solidarity,” Santos wrote on Twitter.

    Former Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba noted that “Chávez is indefatigable and tireless. President, please rest; we need you cured. I am happy  to see that you are in very good hands, being taking care of by Cuban doctors. “

    Meanwhile, according to Ecuador’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Kintto Lucas, President Rafael Correa spoke with Chavez to wish him a speedy recovery from the surgery he had in Cuba.

    “He is fine. It’s not what some people are trying to claim, rumors to try to create destabilization in Venezuela,” said Lucas.

    For his part, Fernando Lugo, Paraguay’s president, expressed his solidarity with the Venezuelan president. In a statement, the Paraguayan head of state expressed his “respect for the situation  he has been experiencing,” according to the newspaper ABC.

    Lugo highlighted the “experience of optimism, faith and strength to carry us through these times and those to come, being sure of his of  full recovery.”

    Peru’s President Alan Garcia sent his good wishes to Hugo Chavez while adding, “We accompany you. I send my respect and solidarity.”

    European Union representative Willy Meyer said that the message sent last night by President Chavez is a message of confidence to all people from the left in Europe, who expect Chavez’s speedy recovery.

     The United States also desired Chavez a “fast recovery.” The U.S. government “has seen the reports about the health of President Chavez,” and although “it is a personal matter, we desire him a fast recovery,” said William Ostick, State Department spokesman for Latin America.

    Given these statements of support, the Venezuelan head of state thanked his counterparts and other officials from a working meeting held on June 29 in Cuba. At the meeting, he spoke with members of his government team.

    Chavez said he also appreciated the expressions of solidarity he has received from the Venezuelan people.


    Press Office -Venezuelan Embassy in the U.S. / July 1, 2011



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