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  • President Chávez Announces Creation of “Mission Housing Venezuela”

    Published: 03/14/2011

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    During his weekly show Alo Presidente, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, announced the creation of Mission Housing Venezuela, which will address a longstanding housing crisis in Venezuela.

    “There will be no family in the country that doesn’t have its own decent house,” he said.

    President Chávez noted that in 100 years previous governments did not build decent houses for the people. “The result of right-wing administrations is shantytowns in Caracas, built by the poor with their own hands. The bourgeoisie built little match boxes as houses for the poor, but they did also built great houses and buildings for the rich,” he said.

    In Venezuela there is a housing crisis that was aggravated by strong rains that left over 300,000 people throughout the country without homes in late 2010. Speculation in the charging of rent, real-estate fraud and different violations of tenant laws are some of the claims presented by affected tenants. President Hugo Chávez has been personally committed to solving the housing problem through different initiatives, including the development of aggressive plans for the constructions of decent houses and strategic agreements with Russia, Belarus, Portugal, Iran, among other countries, to solve the deficit.

    Over two million decent houses are expected to be built in the coming six years.

    AVN / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 14, 2011

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