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    We Stand for Peace In Libya

    Published: 02/25/2011

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    ministromaduro373X249“We stand for peace, freedom and the sovereignty of the Libyan people,” stressed Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela ’s Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs during an appearance in the National Assembly on Thursday.

    Maduro said, “Libya is facing a difficult time. The situation must not be manipulated through the media.” For this reason, he urged the Libyan people to work towards national unity and resolve their conflicts by peaceful means.

    President Hugo Chávez also warned via his Twitter that Libya runs the risk of a civil war, and he expressed his support for the Libyan people and their independence.

    “We repudiate violence, but you cannot stop objectively analyzing this conflict,” said Maduro. “Some conditions are being created to  justify an invasion of Libya, and the main objective of the invasion would be to take over the oil,” he said. “It will take days to know the reality of what is happening in Libya ,” he added.

    Maduro stressed that Venezuela does not want to see death or violence in any sister nation. He also mentioned that Libya has had shared diplomatic relations with Venezuela since the 1960s, when both countries took the first steps in creating the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

    MPPRE / Press -Venezuelan Embassy to   USA .- February 25, 2011



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