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  • FAO Places Venezuela among Top 10 Best Nourished Countries in the World

    Published: 11/16/2010

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    The implementation of several agro-food and social policies by the Venezuelan government has placed Venezuela amongst the first 10 best-nourished countries in the world.

    According to a press release issued by Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry, the executive director of the National Institute of Nutrition (INN) Marilyn Di Luca informed that the food achievements of the Venezuelan government – demonstrated in the Index of the Prevalence of Under-Nutrition (UPI) — have been recognized in the last report of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

    By 1998, Venezuela reached an under-nutrition index of 21 percent, while now the country reports a level of eight percent, the lowest ever achieved.

    In addition, the energy availability for human consumption, measured by the amount of food available for citizens in food stores, has exceeded 110 percent since 2005.

    Currently, Venezuela has 120 percent of energy availability for human consumption –the highest value registered in the last 18 years.

    The under-nutrition report also highlights the reduction of the global malnutrition rate in children under five years of age, which reach 4.2 percent. This figure is the lowest registered in Venezuela in the last 17 years, and it was also considered a low category, according to the ranking of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    “Venezuelan children are now growing more and better due to the good nutrition they receive, which is sustained in the records from 1990 to 1998, when the growth percentage increased by 0.8%,” said Di Lucca.

    The Venezuelan official highlighted that in 2009 the growth percentage was doubled to 1.8 percent, which was certified by Alfredo Missair, a representative of the FAO in Venezuela, who congratulated the country for its efforts eradicate in malnutrition.

    AVN/Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / November 16, 2010



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