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  • Venezuela Submits “Hermano” to the Academy Awards

    Published: 09/09/2010

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    hermano-web-2-2The Venezuelan movie Hermano, directed by Marcel Rasquin and produced by the state-run Villa del Cine, will represent Venezuela in the Academy Awards in the category of “Best Foreign Language Film,” reported AFP on August 4.

    “It’s official! The commission has decided: The Venezuelan film selected for the Oscars’ race is Hermano!!!,” wrote Rasquin on his Twitter account.

    “I’m very excited, I received a call just a few minutes ago saying that the film would be representing Venezuela in the Oscars; this year the Venezuelan cinema has produced great movies, the competition has been very tough,” said the Venezuelan filmmaker. “Hermano” was chosen out of eight Venezuelan films.

    Rasquin claimed that he never would have imagined that this would happen, but, “We always trusted this film; every person who has watched the movie has been touched. We have always believed in Hermano,” he said.

    Furthermore, the filmmaker pointed out that the film’s script was arduously worked on over several years, and that he is evaluating his next film project, scheduled for next year.

    Hermano tells the story of two foster brothers, Daniel and Julio, who have the opportunity to change their lives and overcome poverty when a head-hunter invites them to try their luck in the Caracas Football Club.

    The film got the San Jorge de Oro Best Film prize, the Critic’s Award and Audience’s Award in the 32nd Moscow International Film Festival. Hermano also received an award in the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on August 25.

    La Villa del Cine, a Venezuelan state-owned production house created in 2006 under the government of President Hugo Chávez, has produced several films which have been nationally and internationally acclaimed. Amongst those are Postales de Leningrado (Mariana Rondón), La Clase (José Antonio Varela), Macuro (Hernan Jabes), Zamora (Roman Chalbaud), Libertador Morales, El justiciero (Efterpi Charalambidis), Vinotinto, la película (Miguel New) and Yo soy el Otro (Marc Villá). Additionally, the production house has promoted Venezuelan cinema by positioning national productions in local movie theaters as well as in international film festivals.

    Watch Hermano’s trailer and see the movie’s photo gallery and more info here.

    Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S./September 7, 2010



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