Venezuela Elected to Pro Tempore Presidency of Mercosur Agency

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was elected to the pro tempore presidency of the Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions of Mercosur and Associated Nations (EFSUR) for a period of one year.  The decision was made during the 21st Meeting of…

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During a screening of the documentary People’s Media Venezuela

David Hernández Palmar: “Chávez enabled us to project our society”

As part of the commemoration of Indigenous Resistance Day (a day established in 2002 by the Bolivarian Government to defend and recognize the history and culture of indigenous peoples), the Venezuelan Embassy in the US screened a documentary titled People’s

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3 Months of a Continuing Coup against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Terrorism is Not a Form of Protest
Document by the Ministry of People’s Power for Communication and Information.-
The terrorist guarimbas (violent protests) fostered by the Venezuelan right-wing have caused fear and unease among the people, in addition to a…

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Venezuela Reduced the Use of Pollutants and Honors Commitments to the Montreal Protocol


Venezuela has gradually reduced the use of pollutants that affect and destroy the ozone layer since the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987, reported representatives of the Industrial Restructuring Fund (Fondoin), an entity which is part of the Venezuelan…

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Economic and Social Development

Minister of Economy, Finance and Public Banking:
Venezuelan Unemployment Drops to 6.8%


The unemployment rate has continued to decrease in recent years, falling to 6.8% in the first half of this year, which is evidence of the sustainability of the productive economic model promoted by the Venezuelan government said Rodolfo Marco, Minister…

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Environment and Energy

Government secures funds to public universities and rejects rumors about deficit


Venezuelan Vice President for Planning and Knowledge, Ricardo Menendez, stated wednesday that “the budget for higher education is fully guaranteed by the revolutionary government at this time.”

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