New economic plan to boost production

A new economic plan is going to be launched next Tuesday, April 22, by the National Government to boost production, contribute with supplying and enforcing prices fixed by the State through legal instruments.

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Venezuelan Embassy in DC Commemorates 12th Anniversary of a Coup d’Etat Defeated by the People

Twelve years after democracy in Venezuela was reinstated following a coup d’état on April 11, 2002, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the United State commemorated the event with a screening of the documentary “Siege of an…

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Conversation Between Fidel and Chavez After Coup Illustrates Their Humanity, Restraint

Posted originally at The Huffington Post on 04/09/2014
by Dan Kovalik
Fidel Castro just released the full transcript of the phone call he had with then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, just after Chavez returned to power 72 hours after…

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Homicide rate decreased 40.6% in Easter 2014


Venezuelan Minister for the Interior, Justice and Peace Miguel Rodriguez Torres reported Monday that the homicide rate recorded across the country during Easter 2014 was 40.6% lower than that of last year.

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Economic and Social Development

11 Years Ago :
Bolivarian Government Set Up Markets to Ensure Food for All People


On April 22, 2003 , President Hugo Chavez inaugurated the first establishment of the Food Network Market ( Mercal ) in the Caricuao parish of Caracas, to ensure the fair and timely distribution of food to the Venezuelan people.

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Environment and Energy

Venezuela celebrates Earth Day with national events


In celebration of Earth day, April 22, the Ministry of People’s Power for the Environment (Minamb) organized  national events based on the conservation and more efficient use and distribution of natural resources.

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